Website Benefits

Here at Handsmedia we are always asked if a website would be benificial,well in genral every business will find that been on the internet does help in some form or other.It is a great way to get people interested in your products and services you offer.
We have listed some main reasons businesses like yours have decided to have a website :

1. Quit Chasing Dead Ends - One of the big advantages of a website is your ability to stop wasting time and energy chasing down contacts that don't understand or aren't familiar with the products and services you offer. Use your website to prescreen customers by explaining what your company does and does not do; and for services businesses, by indirectly suggesting your pricing.

2. Simplify Your Life - How much of your time is spent answering routine customer questions? Minimize the distractions so you can spend more time on profitable activities. Provide commonly requested materials, such as driving directions, billing policies and frequently asked questions on your small business website. These are a couple great benefits of a website!

3. Make New Contacts-  One of the biggest advantages of a website for most small companies is the ability to tap into previously unreachable sources of new business. A small business website is a powerful marketing tool to attack lucrative niche markets by targeting specific industries and consumers.

4. Get More With Less Effort - A small business website is a powerful marketing tool that should form the backbone of your marketing efforts. Create a steady stream of  new customers that are channeled through your business website. The benefits of a website for marketing are unrivaled in potential and low cost.

5. Strengthen Customer Relationships - A  business website can create stronger, more intimate customer relationships by forming an "always on" point of contact. Build better relationships by continually marketing to customers through online educational material and enhanced customer service via your website.

6. Beat Up Your Competition - Use your  business website as a marketing tool to leverage your strengths against the competition, differentiate your products and services from others, build your brand image, and create a positive first impression of your business. A website is a surefire way to set yourself apart from competitors across town.

7. Put More Money In Your Pocket - Another one of the big advantages of a website is the ability to eliminate or reduce expenses from non-billable functions and customer support services. Add commonly requested materials, such as downloadable documents and forms online, and incorporate automated e-mail support. Cut expenses even further by converting marketing materials, such as brochures and product sheets, into digital format for download on your website.

When viewed as multipurpose marketing tool, the benefits of a website are clear! Even the most basic small business website brings a lot to the table; helping you to reach a larger audience, prescreen potential customers, create stronger customer relationships, and generate immediate cost savings.