Multimedia CD's


If you already have a website but want to distribute some of the info from your website into some form of media to distribute at Seminars or business fairs or potential clients then Handsmedia can help.
 A great alternative media and one that keeps your audience curious is an auto playing media cd rom. A website is not a requirement either.Information,pictures,video and audio can be applied to this type of media. So you can see, anyone can benefit from this form of media.
 The cd roms are autoplaying so the end user is presented with a very friendly click and play enviroment.
 Once you have paid for the initial design work, you will recieve a master copy cd.With this you then can produce more Cd's to the quantity you need at anyone time. You can copy the master cd by means of any pc with a cd burner and software. This way you control the cost's. All presented in a fantastic captivating multimedia event.
Handsmedia will produce a media cd for any business at a cost that will be hard to beat.
Just look at some points below to explain more about this type of media.
1. What is a CD-ROM?

    That is a disk containing information recorded in the optical format. Essentially it doesn't differ too much from an audio CD. Besides the soundtrack, it may contain computer files with programs and data. In the latest years, CD-ROM became a standard computer information carrier. Almost all the software (e.g. Windows) is produced and delivered to its users on CD-ROMs. The major part of modern PCs are supplied with CD-ROM reading appliances and burning drives.

2.What types of information may be placed on a CD-ROM?

    Textual materials, tables and diagrams, schemes and technical drawings, contract conditions and price lists, colored illustrations, slide shows, video fragments, animation - just about any type of information that the modern computers are able to work with.

 3. How much information can be placed on a CD-ROM?

    Somepeople will tell you exactly 640 megabytes. So How much is that then, in fact? All depends on the type of information. If we speak about video, it's nearly an hour; audio fragments - from 12 to 48 hours, also depending from the quality of the sound to be reproduced. So if you need to place on the disk thirty minutes of video, there remain only less than 6 hours of good sound. Textual materials, however, occupy not too much space; we may consider their quantity as practically unlimited.

4.For how long it is possible to store information on a CD-ROM?

     A CD-ROM Could be conserved for around 30 years.

5. Why is a CD-ROM better than a video cassette?

    A video cassette ensures only linear access to the information, while a CD-ROM gives us direct access, i.e. thanks to the program elaborated in accordance with your scenario, the user may see the whole contents of the disk and immediately choose what is interesting for him. A video film offers no possibility to show all the papers, documents etc.,. What about a video film, it may be fully or partially included in the CD-ROM presentation program,so you don't lose anything.

6. In what cases a multimedia presentation may be useful?

    Different types of multimedia presentations are used in different fields of business and are destined to different clients. If your business is selling chocolate or hygienic pads and you are 'attacking' the market, you will probably need a Multimedia catalog elaborated for attracting and teaching of the dealers.

A perfect way to distribute info and news about you and your business.